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What's with Investing in Real Estate?

Real Estate has been a trending investment as various infrastructure developments initiated by the Duterte’s Administration Build Build Build Program continue to improve the economical landscape of the country. What is the significance of this government projects to investing in real estate? One thing that you should know is the importance of Road Access. Accessibility of reaching from point A to point B is very vital in moving the economy which calls forth on like moving goods, transporting raw materials from sources to factories, from factories to warehouses, from warehouses to markets, from markets to consumers. With the availability of a good access road, industrial and commercial developments will surely to arise withing its radius, 10km per se. With that being present, housing/residential developments are simply just a need. 

As the Philippine economy continues to soar high being the 2nd fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia, it means that Filipinos today are having a stronger buying power. 


Real Estate is a tangible property consisting of a parcel of land or a building. The building you are in right now is a real estate property. The lot where the building you are at now is built upon is a real estate property.


Land value is determined on the development it has within its vicinity. Usually, agricultural lands cost lesser than that of commercial lands. It is a fact that all lands were all before meant for agriculture use. But as years pass by and development made its way to these land by means of roads, the lands starts to appreciate over time. You may think of Alabang area in Muntinlupa City. In the 1980’s it was just a vast grasslands that some other have never thought of it to be having a good use. Look at it now after just three decades, having a piece of lot in this area really costs a fortune. With the current economic trend in the Philippines, it is really safe to say that NOW is the great time to invest in Real Estate properties as investors all around the globe have their eyes in putting their wealth in the Philippine Economy, the tourism is huge calling for more commercial demands and securing you and your family of a spot in strategically located lands will make your future bright. 

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